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Snoring never seemed fatal to me until my husband almost died of it.

My husband has always been a snorer but it didn’t bother me in the early years of our marriage since it was light. But as the years passed, David’s life became busier and his physique, heavier. Now a few extra pounds layered on my husband didn’t hurt my eyes but it was hurting my ears since he started SNORING LOUDLY. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

He often complained of tiredness even after sleeping for 8 hours. On the other hand, his snoring was giving me a tough time too. I would often race to fall asleep before him, to catch a few hours of sleep before his loud snoring wakes me up in the middle of the night.

The only thing that stopped David’s chainsaw like snoring was when I nudged him to change his sleeping position. But waking up at 1am and making him move was tiring for me. I couldn’t focus on my work and my dark circles were getting worse.

I was already finding it difficult to keep up with this sleep deprived life when something horrible happened.

David was driving back home when he got into a car crash because he had dozed off on the wheel itself. All this happened because David was super sleep deprived. Before I could blame his snoring for the terrible crash, the doctor bombarded me with some news.

At the hospital I was told that David was at a risk of developing sleep apnea. I resented his snoring already and now I had more reason for it. The doctor further added that if David got sleep apnea, he would also be at an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. In a worst case scenario, he could also suffocate in his sleep.

My worst fears were about to come true, my husband’s health was in danger! My own health was at a risk since I wasn’t getting enough sleep. The thought of something happening to both of us shook me to the core. What will happen to our kids if something happened to us?

The doctor also told me that if the issue wasn’t solved, David would need CPAP breathing machine. It was worth thousands of dollars and I knew we would never be able to afford it with our tight budget.

We came back from the hospital and our search for a way to make David sleep began. From throat sprays to anti-snoring lozenges, we tried everything but nothing was working. We even gave a shot at those anti-snoring nose plugs but David snored right through them. In fact David slept even poorly with these plus, they were so uncomfortable.

I was desperate to find a solution but didn’t realize that my next discovery would change our lives completely.

On one of my sleepless nights I got up to Google a solution for David’s snoring and hit gold with a new anti-snoring device, SnoreWatch.

I found out that the founder of SnoreWatch had the same issues as us, low energy, irritability, tossing and turning, risk of sleep apnea, everything.

His idea to build SnoreWatch was to do what I was doing, nudging David to change his sleeping position. Our stories were extremely similar and the price was affordable, I had to try it out.

His idea to build SnoreWatch was to do what I was doing, nudging David to change his sleeping position. Our stories were extremely similar and the price was affordable, I had to try it out.

I didn’t quite believe that something like a wrist watch could do anything to help David sleep better. But I was pleasantly surprised when David’s snoring came to a stop on the very first night of him wearing SnoreWatch.

I didn’t hear a single sound throughout the night and I SLEPT! It seemed like the best sleep I had in ages. We woke up fresh and the feeling was AMAZING, I had missed it so much.

This was definitely a miracle since David’s doctor also asked us at his next appointment what we were using. He even bought one for himself! The best part is that he has been recommending SnoreWatch to his patients who suffer from snoring issues.

My husband is a changed man now. He has more energy now that he is well rested and uses this energy to get in shape. He even plays with the kids now!

He wears SnoreWatch every night and we get a good night’s sleep. So it won’t be wrong to say that SnoreWatch has changed our lives.

What Is SnoreWatch?

SnoreWatch is an anti snoring device that stops the user’s snores from the first use. This device brings back a happy sleep for the user that they need for a happy and healthy life.

With its path-breaking patented technology, SnoreWatch is breaking sales records internationally.

How Does SnoreWatch Work?

SnoreWatch contains advanced AI-based software and is built with a powerful biosensor.

The biosensor is programmed with an advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm. Data from over 10,000 heavy snoring cases and medical studies is being used in this device.

This algorithm found a biological pattern in heavy snorers. The device combines sound and motion sensors with these patterns to recognize the first symptoms of snoring.

Upon detecting these symptoms, SnoreWatch sends small electrical pulses to your wrist which are comparable to the “vibrate” setting in a phone. These pulses alert the wearer of the snoring without waking them up. This way you can change your position and open the airway in your throat.

This means that SnoreWatch detects snoring before it starts and nudges the person to change their position which stops the snoring IMMEDIATELY.

What’s The Science Behind Snoring And Sleeping Position?

Snoring happens when the soft palate and tongue collapse to the back of the throat. A vibration starts with this when you breathe during sleep.

Lying on your back makes the snoring worse. When you sleep on your back, your airway may collapse under the pressure of your neck and chest.

Changing your position and sleeping on the side is the best way to stop this.

University of California found in a study that sleeping on your side reduces the intensity of snoring. Subjects experienced more REM sleep and better health indicators.

Who Can Benefit From SnoreWatch?<

Anyone who is not getting enough sleep from their own snoring can benefit from SnoreWatch.

The device is user-tested as safe for all age groups. This doctor-recommended device is a non-invasive snoring solution.

Why SnoreWatch Is Popular

Affordable: Normally sleep devices cost thousands of dollars and some of them may have elaborate payment plans. On the other hand, SnoreWatch is a one-time purchase.

Intelligent Sensors: SnoreWatch uses medical-grade bio sensors. The device powers down when you reach 8 hours of sleep. You save battery this way stay energized.

Easy to use: You can wear SnoreWatch like a watch on your wrist. It is comfortable to wear and does not restrict your movement.

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My boyfriend snored so much that I couldn’t sleep next to him. This product is so effective, he hasn’t snored in a month. Am so happy!

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This watch is so comfortable to wear and my snoring has stopped completely. I recommend this to everyone with snoring problem.

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Best money I ever spent. My snoring has stopped and my wife no longer nudges me at night.

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I’ve been using it for almost a month and the results are positive. Best solution to snoring

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Bought this for my husband’s unbearable snoring. This product is amazing, it saved my marriage.

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Gifted it to my grandpa on his birthday this year. He hasn’t slept so well in a decade. I got my money’s worth!

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