Premium Nanotech Antibacterial Reusable Face Mask


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Thank you for your interest in our premium mask products. Stay safe and healthy!  

What Makes Masks Stand Above The Competition 

- Designed at Studio in New York City, our masks are permanent, reusable and washable. With proper care, each mask can last for weeks or even months.

- Premium Quality: Nanotech materials have been certified antibacterial and UV protective

- What is Antibacterial Nano Technology? A revolutionary garment innovation where the fabric is applied with a nano antimicrobial to help destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, and especially pathogenic microorganisms. This garment technology is well researched and widely used in food, medical and industrial environments. 

- Super Soft Adjustable Straps: pain free for your ears. Unlike nearly every other mask on the market, we use the softest elastic cotton for the adjustable straps. No more discomfort from tight, painful straps on your ears. 

- Ergonomic Design: 100% coverage for your face with the chin and cheek contour, this mask will protect the areas where most masks have a wider gap, through which dust, smog, particles, etc, can enter your airstream.

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10x Nano Biotech Prevention Mask ($7.95 each)
6x Nano Biotech Prevention Mask ($9.90 each)
4x Nano Biotech Prevention Mask ($12.95 each)
2x Nano Biotech Prevention Mask ($14.95 each)
397 Reviews
Ruth M.
These are the most comfortable masks to date! My grandson loves them! Excellent fit but very soft and no elastic to cause pain behind the ear. Can't recommend them enough!
Michael C.
A bit of a delay given the current crisis, but the team at Mask kept me updated every step of the way. The masks are very well made, comfortable, and they are getting a lot of use and holding up well!
Virginia G.
Fits perfectly, very comfortable, Ear loops soft, coverage is perfect!
May Lee I.
Extremely happy with my purchase. It’s a very smart looking, quality product. Delivery was quicker than expected. I have several different brands of reusable masks. Mask is my favorite. Facemasks will be a way of life. Planning to purchase more for myself and family.
Barbara B.
They are light and soft and fit comfortably and are easy to add your own decorations to
Kristine G.
The mask is well-designed, soft, lightweight, and breathable. It is very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly. I enjoy wearing it for all the errands I need to complete, and feel confident that I am protected at all times. Customer service was also great. Thank You!
Material is soft and easy to put on. Comfortable and my glasses do not fog. I recommend it to any and everyone. Yes. I would buy again.
Sharhonda H.
I am extremely happy i purchased this mask!!! It is by far the best mask i have used!!! My coworkers & i can breathe as we walk, most importantly we feel safe!!! Thank you😊
Thrse masks are very awesome. They arrived quickly and each of the of the 9 Masks I ordered were individually packaged and sealed. They fit perfectly. Lightweight, straps do not irritate, and they fit perfectly and cover my nose and face more than adequately. Thank you Masks for receiving these reusable and washable masks. Rick C.
tim N.
All day good mask
chris d.
Great fit and comfortable material
Robert D.
It's great to have a mask that I can clean and reuse
Christine H.
It works great.
Raymond M.
Great Washable Confortable Adjustable Great
tim N.
I do Hvac in pa and have to wear mine 6-8 hr a day and it’s just a great mask
Tammy R.
Fits really well. Comfy. I'd like them in kids size.
Luisita M.
The Mask is comfortable, provides good coverage, does not feel like it will fall off, and is easy to breath in. It has enough layers to it, so I feel protected in public places. I like that it is washable. In fact, I liked the Mask so much, I ordered extras for my husband, teenager, and the child mask for my toddler. I ordered a couple for my 79 year old mother, too!
steven a
love it
Christopher P.
the outer and inner fabric are of great quality, unlike the fabrics used by competitors that may feel scratchy. I performed a candle blow out test wearing different fabrics and the material is so thick that I could not blow out the candle.
zakhar v
good mask would be nice if it had a pocket for a filter...but i still use this mask everyday
Magboo L.
The fit and comfort around the ears is great. Love it
Morgan T.
This purchase did take a couple a days longer to ship. I reached out over email about shipping and it was a fast response and very accurate on when exactly it was being shipped out. Thank you for helping to flatten this covid19 curve; wearing your mask will help tremendously. I bought one for my mother and stepfather as well. Stay safe and healthy!!
ron k.
feels good on face . very comfortable.
Sabra G.
At work!! Very comfy and so easy to breathe!!!