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Insured Shipping on orders above $30
Best Anti-Snoring Devices for 20202 (With Full Reviews)
I Spent the Last Three Months Testing the Best-Selling Snoring Aids in the United States
Here Are the Results (PHOTOS

Julia Moore

Working as a sleep specialist for over 15 years, doing research for non profit health organizations. I've tested thousands of products and would love to share all the research and reviews done by me and my amazing team!
Have you ever seen an ad for an anti-snoring device that gave you hope that your problem will finally be solved

...only to realize that it’s just another mediocre product that doesn’t deliver on big promises and impressive (probably fake) reviews?

Yep, it’s pretty discouraging.

So to make sure that this never happens to you... my husband and I tested the best-selling anti-snoring devices out on the market - and we've come up with an absolute winner!

To measure the results of each snoring device, we used the "SnoreLab" iPhone app that listens for snoring sounds and tracks how much you snore throughout the night.

After measuring my husbands normal snoring levels as a baseline, he then slept with each anti-snoring device for several nights, and here the results...

Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

The first device we ordered gave us both a good laugh when it arrived. Henry tried it on as soon as we opened the package, and yes, the Anti Snore Chin Strap looks every bit as ridiculous as you think.

It’s a simple neoprene strap that fits under the chin and wraps around the sides of the head. The purpose of the strap is to hold the users mouth closed as they sleep in order to keep snoring from occurring throughout the night.
He described the chin strap as, “not the worst thing, but definitely not comfortable either.”
After sleeping with it the first night, he woke up with a sweaty and wet chin strap.

After comparing the SnoreLab results, the chin strap made a small difference in his snoring levels - reducing the snore score from 177 to 93.

However, Henry refused to wear it another night due to the profuse sweating and uncomfort it caused.

SnoreLab Results:

The second device we tested was the SleepEZ Anti-Snoring Clip. We picked up a pack for just under $50 online.

The company claims it "helps reduce snoring and improves airflow by applying pressure with tiny patented magnets"

Even though this brand has lots of 5 star reviews, we felt a little skeptical; how could a little clip stop my husbands loud snoring?
The device came quickly in the mail in a well packaged box. Included was the device, a carrying case, and an instructions manual. After Henry placed it in his nose, his first impression was that it felt odd having this clip pinching his nose, but after 15 minutes he quickly got used to it.
He slept with it the first night, and the results were evident. 

Even though it did not fully stop Henry's snoring, I was pleasantly surprised to see (and hear) that it reduced his snoring to a muffled, and quiet breathing noise.

The SnoreLab analysis reflected the impressive results. His snore score dropped from 177 to just 7 - and lowered the snore frequency from 78% to 21%.

SnoreLab Results:

I was happy we found something that seemed to make a big difference, but I wanted to compare and test a few more devices.

SnoreRX Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard

The last device we tried was the SnoreRX mouth guard, retailing on the website for $99.

SnoreRx is a medical-grade custom fit modular mouth guard cleared by the FDA for snoring - so we were excited to try this one out!

This device requires you to mold it to the shape of your teeth, by placing it in boiling water.
It was quick and simple to mold it to Henry's teeth in just a few minutes. 
After using it the first night, he woke up with the mouth guard on the floor!

The downside with SnoreRX is that it easily falls out while sleeping.

It took a few tries until one night, it didn't fall out, and we were able to measure the SnoreLab results.

It reduced his Snore Score to just 37!

SnoreLab Results:

Over all, Henry would have liked the device better if it wasn't so easy to fall out while sleeping, hopefully the company can fix that in the future.
Our Final Recommendation: SleepEZ
We concluded that SleepEZ Anti-Snoring Clip easily ranks as the #1 best anti-snoring devices on the market today.

Henry saw truly impressive, visible results beyond his wildest expectations. That’s because SleepEZ is a pioneer in the anti-snoring space, using a patented method to stop snoring for real results.  
Using gentle pressure and magnetic therapy, the SleepEZ Clip helps open nasal passages taking pressure off parts of the throat that vibrate and cause snoring. 

Along with a snore-free sleep, Henry noticed better mood, energy and focus throughout the next day.

We loved that SleepEZ is made from a soft silicone material that's comfortable to wear, and stays in all night. Plus, their solid 30-day money-back guarantee shows their confidence in their product. But from what we’ve discovered -- it will help your snoring so much, you won’t want to return this stuff or ever be without it.  

With the best results, stellar reputation, and solid return policy. SleepEZ wins our #1 spot!
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