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Professional Monocular Telescope 40X60 Long Range 1000m Military Zoom Hunting Optics Scope Mobile Phone Monocle


  • High Power 40x60 Magnification.
  • Spot out the trail or get a closer look at the bear across the river. Use it at sporting events, is your seat a bit too far back? Enjoy the action up close like you're front row!
  • Quick Alignment Phone Mount, Record and take photos of all the amazing things you can spot through the Monocular Telescope.
  • Flawless Design, Completely dustproof, waterproof and shock-absorbing. Take it anywhere, accidentally drop it? We are completely sure that this Monocular Telescope will not take damage.
  • Steady Flex Tripod, Easy to attach - our tripod is made of completely flexible cable for the legs. You could place that wherever you want without worrying about unfocused photos.
  • Focal Length Adjustment, Zoom in and out with ease using the rotating knob on top. There is also a compass on top!
Magnifying power:10x
Objective Lens Diameter:Approx 42mm
Eye Lens Diameter:Approx 17mm
Lens Coating: FMC Green Film
Prism system:Ridge System
Product size:Approx145*52*45(mm)
The net weight:280g

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Should I be Buying Mobile Telescope?

This portable Telescope provides good quality zoomed in image with High Power 40x60 Magnification.

 397 Reviews
Ruth M.
Arrived in just 2 weeks, securely packed. Everything works great, looks sturdy. I can only recommend the seller!
Brandi B.
Product appears very good arrived very fast. In just 7 days run (5 days)
Shannon F
Great lens. The image is clear, however, first you need to screw up on the correct installation. The remote is tied quickly, it works without failures. To buy exactly recommend. Shipping fast.
Alyson J.
Super accurate with the description. Great zoom and arrived extremely quick.
Sherri J.
Very nice and recommend good quality product according to the price Thanks
Jocelyn L.
Product exceeded expectations!
Suzanne M.
Very good product, in quality-price. He arrived very fast, in about 10 days
Sally J.
the telescope is very good for the price. Do not expect professional quality, but for it's price, this is very good
Celeste J.
Very well made and they are very comfortable. Thanks!
Jody P.
Great for making photo amateur, you have to be very firm to do good photos. It use to make photos to the moon and I have to say that are well
Shelby H.
Worth buying.
Lara H
I'm really satisfied with the quality of this product, ofc it's not professional telescope but for 49$ definitely recommending some pictures
Maura V.
Value For your money an excellent telescope on the phone!
Brenda Y.
Description according to advertising. Very compact monocular. Subjective normally approaches because it is very light, it can be lost (joke). The seller packed it well and placed it in a cover.
Deana M.
Awesome and very compact monocular. Fairly quick shipping.
Lucinda Y
Very good quality. Love the monocular. Very well made. Thank you.